The Best Drones On The Market

Drones started out as an expensive toy that was aimed at those with some serious cash to burn.

But over the years, the technology has been refined, and today we’ve got a wide assortment of drones, ranging from small and cheap to top of the range.

Drones can be endless fun for both the tech savvy and the whole family, and for those wanting a new drone, these are the current best 5 in the world right now.

1. Dji Mavic Air

The Dji Magic Air is the perfect combination of good pricing and excellent quality. While it’s by no means the cheapest drone around, it does offer 4K video recording for a really good price.

The drone is extremely easy to control, has top-of-the-range gesture controls, and boasts integrated object avoidance.

The app has received some criticism, but it’s otherwise a high-quality product that any drone enthusiast would be happy with.

2. Ryze Tech Trello

Offered as a very affordable alternative that’s aimed at younger kids, the Tech Trello is the ultimate ‘my first drone.’ It’s among the least-expensive right now, it’s small, agile, and it has a comfortable remote control.

And while it can be fairly difficult to set up due to the way the drone is programmed, it’s sure to provide many afternoons of fun for all involved once up and working.

3. Dji Mavic 2 Pro

Considered the best drone in the world in terms of videography, the Mavic 2 Pro is a professional device that comes with a respective price tag.

With over half an hour of flying time paired with some of the best cameras of any drone in the world, the Mavic 2 Pro is a first choice for those that want a drone for conservation purposes.

Like other Dji Mavic drones, the 2 Pro offers advanced guidance that can automatically avoid any objects in the way.

The cost of the Pro means that some might need to win a few online bingo games in NZ in order to afford it, but it’s worth the high price.

4. Aerix Black Talon 2

This is a good starter drone for those that are interested in drone racing, a new type of racing that has grown in popularity in the last few years. The Black Talon 2 offers great manoeuvrability and comes with a better camera than its predecessor.

It only has a few minutes of flight time, but considering it’s designed for short racing flights, it should be more than enough. This specific drone also comes with its own pair of goggles, perfect for flying around tight corners.

5. Blade Nano QX

The perfect starter drone for absolute beginners, the Blade Nano is a cheap way to break into the pastime and see what it’s all about.

While it only has around 8 minutes of flight time, along with no smartphone control, the Nano nevertheless remains a fun and fairly responsive drone that’s perfect to take out on a sunny day.

Be aware that the Nano’s size means it’s quite susceptible to strong winds.