Gardening Tech You Need to Have

One of the things that most people with gardens wish they had was a bit more time in which to enjoy their efforts. The best gardening tech can help take out much of the blood, sweat, and tears, save time, and even increase the yield of a vegetable patch.

The following must-have gadgets range from sensors that notify mobile devices of soil and other conditions, to hand pollinators. There is even something for people who do not have access to an outdoor area.

Smart Sprinklers

In a world in which water consumption and wastage awareness is growing, smart sprinklers such as the Gardena Smart System are the way to go. They can be controlled via mobile phone, thanks to the Gardena Smart App. They offer drip watering. The method, along with the adjustable heads that deliver it, can reduce water consumption by as much as 70%. They also feature soil moisture sensors, and they stop watering if they detect a change in the weather.

Husqvarna Automower

The Husqvarna Automower brings robot technology into the garden. It is compact, can navigate unusual terrain, and it can be used in almost all weather. It also is quiet enough to be used at night. It trims a few millimetres of grass, so there is no need to rake up cuttings. Gardeners may first need to win a game of online Roulette Australia – the robotic lawnmower has a hefty price tag.

Parrot’s Flower Power

Parrot’s Flower Power is a branch-shaped Bluetooth smart plant sensor that has a free dedicated app. It is designed to be used indoors, outdoors, in pots, and in the ground. It measures light intensity, temperature, soil moisture, and even fertilizer levels. The gadget then sends notifications to the gardener’s mobile device.

VegiBee Hand Pollinator

The task of pollination is usually the job of bees, butterflies, and other bugs. The VegiBee lets gardeners lend those creatures a helping hand, and to increase their garden’s yield by 30% in the process. The device simulates the vibrations of a bee’s wings. The high-frequency movements cause pollen to fall onto a spoon. When pollen has been collected, it can be used to fertilize other plants.

AeroGarden In-Home Gardens

Neither soil, nor sunshine, nor green thumbs are required for the AeroGarden in-home garden systems. They are contained, and they are operated via user-friendly control panels.

The units use hydroponics as well as 45 watt white, blue, and red LED lights on a timer system. They also will remind gardeners that water and nutrients are due, and they display other information, such as the number of days since ‘planting’ the seed pods. The units can be used for ornamental plants, herbs, and vegetables.

Brinno Garden Watch Camera

Whether gardeners are trying to find the culprit of repeated plant damage, or they simply want to watch their roses grow, the Brinno Garden Watch Camera is how to do it. It is a time-lapse camera that can take a photo per minute, per 24 hours, or anything in between. It is lightweight and weather-resistant, and it can even be used for panoramic shots.