Best Media Streaming Devices 2018

If you have not as yet managed to get yourself a smart TV and still have your “Old School” flat screen but would still like to stream media to your TV, you need to get yourself a media streaming device.

Media streaming devices turn your standard TV or home theatre system into a smart setup, so you can connect to the internet and watch free or paid content online.

By 2018 most streaming media players have wifi connectivity, so the need for endless and twisted cables is cut down greatly, ditch those cords.

So pick one of these great options for streaming media player, so you can cast your latest online gambling casino games to your flat screen and see it better than your tiny mobile screen.



The NVIDIA offers a great merging of a streaming device and a gaming console, so you can enjoy streaming your top shows and on apps like Netflix and Hulu, But you can also download android or PC games from the GeForce Now program.

As well as these options you can plug in your own media via USB and it can double as a Plex Media Player.

With the sheer volume of options offered by this streaming device, this is one of our favourite streaming devices due to its versatility.

Google Chromecast 2


The latest from Google is a very popular choice for people looking for compact streaming devices in their home.

This small streaming device is tiny and easily moved to a new TV, while you are able to plug it into the back of your TV and have it out of sight.

Google’s recent revamp of the Chromecast app has led to content being easier to find and it highlights content from apps already installed on your phone. Combine the Chromecast 2 with a 4K TV and you have an unparalleled entertainment experienced for the best budget.

Roku Streaming Stick


This budget friendly streaming device offers a great deal for its low price. It is a small device and not at all an eyesore, and has a wireless amplifier so you get a strong signal at any location in your house.

The Roku streaming stick can get you access to over 5000 channels, and you can view content in 4K HDR.

XBox One


The Xbox One offers people the choice of both gaming and streaming, all in one device so you have less clutter in your TV area. Xbox One can access over 50 streaming apps; great games to play in its library, blue ray player (throw the DVD player away)

The Xbox One is basically the only device you need to have a great gaming and streaming setup without too many devices, and well worth the price.

Apple TV 4K


The latest Apple TV offering has many of its predecessor’s great features but now has 4k HDR support. You can spend your time with iTunes movies and shows or use some of the hundreds of streaming apps and games available. Another option is to control your homes smart devices from the remote control connected to Siri.

Apple TVs refined voice search option is s cut above the rest of the media streaming devices but this advancement shows in the cost of this product.