The Best Gadgets For The Office

Being at the office all day, every day, means that it becomes a home away from home for many people. One of the ways to make the office experience more enjoyable is by having some of the latest convenience tech available, ranging from everything from temperature mugs to a mini vacuum.

  1. Charging Station Dock from Kavalan

Kavalan’s charging dock station means the user will never have to deal with dead devices again. It has seven high-powered USB ports (and two are fast-charging in emergencies). This dock accommodates laptops, iPhones, the Apple watch, even cameras or MP3 players— almost anything that sometimes needs power-up, perfect for powering up a phone and checking out the latest huge range of Aussie slots at All ports are silicon-padded, so nothing will get scratched, and the dock is designed to survive power overloads. Best of all, it has built-in dividers to help keep everything neat and organized, so everything is within reach.

  1. Ember Temperature Control Mug

The Ember Temperature Control mug is a specialised mug that uses electricity to keep any beverage warm throughout the day. The mug comes with a saucer as well as the charging tool. It’s possible to leave it on the saucer, or take it off for up to an hour or more. Coffee and tea stays warm and palatable as long as it’s turned on. It’s also possible to set the temperature remotely with any compatible device. Users should note that the mug can become extremely hot, and it’s important not to suffer any burns.

  1. Penpower Handheld Scanner

The Penpower Handheld Scanner is the ultimate tool for those that want to quickly capture information off a written page, whether it’s simple text or more complex imagery. The device is compatible with Mac, Linux, iOS and iPhone, and it’s perfect for high-volume communications departments, meaning that users won’t have to dive into a paper folder constantly. Just run the “pen” over the text in question and convert the computer or smartphone’s data into text. The scanner can translate 12-plus languages, converting them into English. WorldPenScan X can also record and immediately deposit screenshots information into most Word applications and search engines. It’s not slow, and should be able to handle large volumes of information.

  1. Ushonk USB Mini Vacuum

Being at a desk all day means that dirt, grime and dust tends to build up over time. While sometimes this can be dealt with by using a small brush, the Ushonk USB mini vacuum makes the job that much easier by allowing the user to clean all of the debris on their desk in a short span of time. It works through USB, meaning that it doesn’t need to plugged into an electrical outlet. The mini-vacuum offers different speeds and two types of nozzles, one smooth and one comb, so it can work in all kinds of small places and you can adapt it to the job at hand. It also fits safely on any desktop or laptop. It’s small, about six inches, so it’s easy to handle and it can be tucked out of sight if not needed.