The Best Methods Of Playing Retro Video Games

Video games have been around since the last 1960s, and they’ve become one of the world’s favourite pastimes, with an industry worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Today’s games are action-packed adventures with the most advanced, highly detailed graphics that our modern computer systems can offer, but sometimes it’s nice to travel back to yesteryear and experience some of the classics from the golden years of gaming.

Getting an Old Console

This should be the first thing any retro gaming fan should try, usually because it’s one of the easiest way to start gaming on the cheap. It’s extremely easy to get hold of second hand consoles that are usually in fairly good shape, and finding the games isn’t usually too difficult. These can be found by dealers on trade websites, and make for a great way to begin a new retro gaming collection. It should be noted that this method is a bit risky as it’s possible to purchase a console or set of games that simply don’t work.

Buying a New Console

This is a much more limited option in some regards, as it relies on the makers of the desired console having released a modern version. Fortunately for Atari and Nintendo fans, this isn’t a problem, as both companies have modern versions of their classic consoles. Atari is currently working on a release of a modernised iteration of the Atari 2600, although it remains to be seen whether fans of the original pixel block games will still be interested.

Building a Raspberry Pi Emulator

Another popular option of playing old games is by getting hold of a Raspberry Pi and putting emulator software on it, which usually comes in the form of a Linux operating system. While this usually isn’t technically legal, as it requires pirating licenced gaming franchises, it’s almost always the cheapest options when weighing up how many games the Pi gives the player access to. Raspberry Pi SoC boards are extremely cheap, and they’re more than capable of playing just about any retro game imaginable. It’s recommended to pair the Pi with a custom made, USB gaming controller, many of which are suited for a wide variety of different games. Raspberry Pi emulators also have the ability to accept expanded storage, and they make for a fun and interesting project, and allow the user to browse the internet or play pokies online NZ.

Computer Emulation

The Pi option requires having to find the necessary hardware, and do all the configurations before it’s possible to use the Pi for gaming, which might put off those that don’t want to try and build their own system. Another way of going about it is by installing emulator software on a desktop or laptop. This software usually comes in a suite form, and will allow the player to choose from a range of different console types, starting from Atari and going as far as the Nintendo 64. It’s arguably the cheapest route to take for anyone that isn’t able to afford the other options but does have a computer on hand.