The Top Tablets On The Market For 2020

Tablets have been on the market for well over a decade now, and they’ve become an important source of entertainment and work for millions across the globe. With the continued advancement of mobile technology, there has never been a better time to go out and purchase a brand new tablet – with some of them being so powerful that they are starting to break into mid-tier laptop territory. With all of that in mind, these are the top tablets worth checking out for 2020.

iPad Air

Apple’s Pro tablets tend to be the preferred choice for those that have the money available, but for those that are looking for something in a lower price bracket, the iPad Air is a brilliant choice, while not being quite as low spec as the base iPad. It’s a small but powerful tablet that boasts Apple’s Bionic A12 chip, meaning that it should be more than capable of performing most tasks. The biggest downside to the Air is its reliance on the first-generation Apple Pencil, which has become extremely outclassed by newer iterations.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

If Apple isn’t an option, the next best is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, the latest version of Samsung’s tablet range. It’s the best Android tablet on the market right now, and because it’s part of the famous S line, it comes with all the best features available. It offers a best in class AMOLED touch screen, perfect for movies or online keno in Canada, along with the S Pen that’s perfect for making sketches or writing quick notes, but it’s also possible to get a keyboard for the S6. The lack of headphone jack and a bit of a junk UI means the S6 isn’t perfect, but it’s a great choice for anyone that doesn’t want to buy an Apple product.

iPad Pro 12.9 – 2018

With the very latest iPad Pro 2020 already being released, it may not make sense to buy a tablet from 2018. But as many tech reviewers have pointed out, the 2018 version is a negligible downgrade to the current line-up, but at a much lower price. It’s got a larger screen than its 11-inch counterpart, but these extra two inches make it a lot more expensive than the smaller version. It comes with the best speakers on the market, a powerful and fast operating system, and makes for a great choice for artists and creators.

Microsoft Surface Pro

Arguably the very best tool a creator can have at their disposal, the Surface Pro is a powerful and portable device that offers some of the best performance that money can buy right now. In fact, Microsoft has long hoped that their line of Surface Pro 2-in-1s would eventually take over the laptop niche, and while that’s yet to fully happen, the Surface Pro can easily replace most workstation laptops without a drop in productivity. It comes with a full version of Windows 10, making a great choice for those that want some flexibility in their operating system, while also being able to download and use the huge range of programs that work on the Windows operating system.