The Very Best Home Smart Tech

We’ve entered into the age of smart tech and home nests, where IOT technology has quickly become a part of our homes. This can include cameras, smoke detectors, televisions, and much more, and allows for a convenient and high-tech life as we continue to move further into the future. For those that are interested in transforming their homes into a high-tech paradise, these are the best IOT technologies worth investing in.

The Ecobee

The Ecobee is a smart thermostat that’s currently on the market in its fifth generation. It’s a much-improved version of the previous Ecobee, and comes with a decent touchscreen, a remote sensor, and plenty of extra controls. The Ecobee has Alexa integrated into its software, making it cross compatible with any other devices that make use of Alexa, meaning that it can be used to control music, along with a range of other Alexa-specific features. Its long battery life means that it can be used long-term without recharge.

The Arlo Q Security Camera

This 1080p smart security camera is the perfect tool for keeping track of what’s going on at home. It offers brilliant camera hardware that’s extremely easy to set up, and it even comes with a free cloud plan. The camera has sensitive motion detection, allowing the homeowner to receive notifications if there is any movement within the house, while its software allows the user to set specific schedules for the camera to follow.


WeMo Mini

While some might scoff at the idea of a smart plug, it can make a lot of sense, especially for those that want to try and preserve their power bill, especially when they having fun with bingo games for money. The WeMo mini is a home smart plug that can be controlled through almost all smart home systems. It allows the user to turn off all attached appliances with full voice control, while it can also be programmed to turn off and on at different times of the day or night.

Nest Protect

The Nest Protect is an upgrade that most people should consider, as while it can seem expensive at first, it does provide an extra level of protection for the family. The Nest Protection is able to detect smoke and carbon dioxide, and can even differentiate between fires that are burning either slowly or quickly. On top of this, the Protect can tell the user exactly which room the fires are burning in, and can even make calls to the police and fire department as soon as it detects smoke of any sort.

Smart Lock Pro

This smartlock is a simple addition to the front or back doors that can automatically detect when the owner is coming home, unlocking as they come through the front door. It also comes with its own app, along with Alexa and Google Home controls, meaning the user is able to lock their doors without having to get out of bed to check.