2018’s Fitness Technology You Won’t Forget at Home

The tech big wigs have finally figured out incorporating new technology into your workout isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Their answer? Integrated sports technology. But do they really deliver? So many developers claim that their tech is integrated, but to be truly integrated your tracker shouldn’t have to be worn with a strap. It needs to be something you wouldn’t leave the house without.

And here they are. The items you can’t do without.

UA HOVR® Phantom Connected

This trainer has built in sensors which measure just about every body metric while you run. This well-designed trainer minimises impact with its HOVR® technology and is quick drying. You can link it to running apps to get feedback about stride and speed.

Good luck getting your hands on a pair, released earlier this month, they are sold out already.

Halo Sport

The Halo Sport headset is designed to help you reach your fitness goals in less time. This attractive head set uses Nueropriming technology to enhance your brains electrical impulses. The Halo Sport optimizes the brain to muscle connection, which means you learn faster and it reports marked improvement in power, endurance and skill.

It can play music to boot, so you can listen to your favourite tunes while you check out online casino no deposit.

Solos Smart Glasses

Link your Solo’s with the app and you will have all the information you need right in front of your eyes. That’s right, the Solo displays information about your speed, cadence, and power onto the lens. The glasses have integrated speakers and a mike to allow communication with other members when training in a group, and the designers have used a near ear design to allow for ambient noise.


The Athos range of gear includes shirts and shorts which are made of fabric filled with sensors. These sensors track your heart and breathing rate, calorie use, and muscle activity, and the information is transmitted to your phone via the Athos Core. The real-time view of how your muscles are working can be used to improve form.

Spire Swimming Tracker

Finally, a swimming tracker that you don’t have to remember to take along. In collaboration with Swim.com, Spire has introduced their new smart swimwear. The suits for men and women have the tracker permanently attached, and once paired with the app it starts tracking as soon as you pull on your suit. No charge necessary.

Posture Correcting Yoga Pants

For Yogis who prefer to practice at home, or beginners that need some help perfecting their poses, the posture correcting pants from Wearable x are the answer. This brand’s yoga pants have built-in sensors which analyse your pose and vibrate if you need to adjust. Linked to an app on your phone, you choose your work out, follow the on-screen poses, and the pants guide you to either hold, move or adjust.

Fitness tracking is no longer the realm of wrist trackers, and advances in fabric development and communications means more awesome goodies for the fitness fanatics.