The Best Tablets 2018

Whenever we’ve watched a science fiction film set in the future, there is invariably some kind of tablet-like device used for a variety of different function. For many years, this kind of technology was only delegated to the realm of science fiction, but since the emergence of more powerful processing and screen tech, we’ve seen a huge surge in tablets and portable touch-screen devices.

There’s no denying that the smart phone dominates the world of mobile tech, but tablets still control a large portion, and offer a convenience that many small devices simply can’t.

Not only are they more powerful, but they offer bigger screens, larger storage, and better overall interaction.

If you’re looking to buy a new tablet, whether it’s for film, games, or to enjoy your favourite online casino New Zealand, these are the best tablets on the market right now.

5. Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft has dominated the computer world for almost three decades, and Windows is currently the most used operation system for computers, dwarfing others like Linux.

While their smart phone department has since stopped developing new devices, they’re still producing tablets, such as the surface pro. It’s a 2-in-1, meaning that it can be used as both a laptop and a tablet, combining the best of both worlds into a single device.

4. iPad 4 Mini

Although Samsung and Microsoft have taken their share of the tablet market, Apple still reigns supreme, and it’s not hard to see why.

Their range of iPads were the first modern tablets in the world, and they’ve taken their years of experience to refine their portable tech into something truly unique.

The iPad 4 Mini is the perfect tablet for those that want a smaller device for a small price, but with more than enough power to keep you happy.

3. The iPad Pro

This is the biggest and most powerful iPad that Apple has to offer, and it’s the perfect choice for someone who wants a tablet that can do it all.

With a massive 10.5 inch screen, and models that offer up to 256 gigs of internal storage, the Pro is a device aimed at those who need a device as powerful as a laptop but with more overall portability.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Samsung and its use of the Android OS have seen remarkable success in the mobile sector. Their flagship phones are currently the most popular in the world, and their latest tablet shows that they’re even a match for Apple in many ways.

This is the best Android-powered tablet on the market, and it’s aimed at those who just can’t get a feel for the iPad, but want everything that the iPad offers.

Having said that, there are some problems with the Tab 3, such as an extremely high price, and Android tends to buckle under many years of usage.

1. The iPad

Without a doubt the absolute best tablet in the world right now is the standard Apple iPad. This tablet was designed from the start to be something that older iPad users could easily upgrade to without paying an arm and a leg.

It’s new, powerful processor, large internal storage, and the latest iOS means that the new iPad can cover just about anyone’s tablet needs with ease.