The Best Google Services Worth Checking Out

Google is a name that almost everyone in the world would be able to recognise without a second thought. Starting as a small search engine, the company has become a global force, and one of the five biggest corporations on the planet. There’s no doubting the reach that Google has, and how much their services have impacted our lives on a day to day basis.

And while the company has faced a number of controversies in the past, many feel that their large range of high quality and free services make up for this. From the latest in global mapping tech to instant cloud storage solutions, these are the best services that Google has to offer, and why they should be part of everyone’s online life.

Google Maps

There are three big names in terms of global mapping: Microsoft, Google, and Apple. And while both Apple and Bing Maps are certainly great tools on their own, it’s Google’s mapping service that has truly taken off across the world. With community-based information that’s constantly being updated, as well as an easy to use map that boasts just about every road in the world, Google Maps is at the forefront of what mapping technology has to offer. Along with directions, Google Maps also offers users the ability to check out businesses, eateries, attractions, parks, medical facilities, cinemas, police stations, and much, much more. Many of these will even come with phone numbers and links to websites, meaning that users are always up to date on the latest info.

Google Drive

There are a lot of different cloud-based storage solutions available on the internet, and while Google definitely has some direct and,in some cases, superior competition, it’s fairly difficult to find another service that offers everything Google Drive does at the same asking price. Due to Google’s global presence, Google Drive is extremely accessible, and suffers virtually no downtime barring an act of nature. Along with this, anyone with a Google account has 15 gigabytes of free storage assigned to them, allowing them to save all of their data – often automatically – to their personal Drive account. And while privacy issues have been a concern for many, any cloud-based storage is subject to the same privacy concerns, meaning that users that want to use the cloud may as well use Google, which offers the latest in online security.


While we sometimes don’t think about it, Android is currently the leading service and product that Google offers, so much so that it’s currently holding around 80% of the global smartphone market, and they’re used for everything imaginable, from phone calls to modern gaming, such as the kind enjoyed at Android is an open source operating system, meaning that it’s free for anyone to download and modify, and has become the leading OS for most mobile devices currently on the market. The latest Android offers automatic backups, full integration with a Google account, and a vast selection of features designed to give users the latest in convenience and innovation, and for many it’s a superior choice over iOS.