The Best New Tech Features In Smartphones

Smartphone technology has grown significantly in recent years with new developments always on the horizon. With smartphone developers consistently releasing new and improved models, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends in this technology.

We delve into the best tech features in modern smartphones and some futuristic ideas that we can look forward to soon:

5G Connectivity

5G connectivity is one of the best and most talked about innovations in the world of technology. Most smartphones released nowadays are compatible with the latest innovation in the world of the internet, it now just comes down to your area and if you have the possibility of linking up your phone to this better, faster, more connected world. 5G gives you higher data speeds for uploads and downloads as well as less connectivity drops. As 5G becomes more and more common place the list of compatible devices is naturally becoming longer and longer.

Folding Phones

Several manufacturers have introduced folding phones in recent months, including Samsung and Huawei. These folding phones give you a larger screen, more akin to a tablet, while still being compact enough to fit in your pocket, due to the folding technology. At the moment this technology is still only available on android with the software supporting these shape-shifting screens, and to be honest, its all a little gimmicky at this stage. However, a few more manufacturers are poised to foray into the world of folding phones in the future so it is possible that this technology could reach new heights.

Artificial Intelligence

Improvement in artificial intelligence as led to a bunch of nifty AI features in modern smartphones. This include various subject recognition techniques when taking pictures as well as voice recognition and voice-based commands. We’ve also seen the likes of Google assistant and other software get smarter over the years, especially when it comes to integrating your smartphone with other devices, such as your home automation or television. This includes an increase in wearable technology with many smartphone manufacturers now also developing watches, glasses, monitors and bracelets that talk directly to their devices.

Over The Air Charging

Gone are the days of endlessly searching around for a capable, adapter and plug point where you can charge your phone. Modern smartphones allow for charging of your device simply by leaving it on top, or even close to a charging pad. This means you can enjoy real money bingo in NZ online at any time, and a flat battery isn’t a concern.

This over the air charging allows your phone to immediately start charging when it is within close range of a transmitter. This technology is also improving at a rapid rate and it should be no time at all until we can charge our phone simply by sitting on a bus or walking into our favourite coffee shop.

Waterproof Phones

While water resistant phones have been around for several years, it was only lately that we saw the introduction of fully waterproof phones. Making a phone completely waterproof is not a simple task that requires complete reengineering of the charging ports, speaker and microphone. Believe it or not, a fully waterproof phone is one of the most requested features from smartphone customers.