Top Mobile Releases 2018

While we have recently entered the second month of 2018, the rush of new mobile handsets releases this year has as yet to really get started.

Here we look at the upcoming mobile phone releases in the next few months and what upgrades and improvements we could expect from these latest devices:

Nokia 9

Release date: February 2018

The release of this handset was initially set for summer 2017 but has been delayed a few times, wit February 2018 given as its latest release date. With rumours abounding about this handset, here we list a few listed possibilities:

– 5.7 inch 18:9 display aspect

– waterproofing

– Metal body

– Wide angle and zoom rear camera

– Snapdragon 835 processor

– More costly than the recently released Nokia8

Samsung S9 and S9+

Release date: February 2018

The release for the S9 was also rumoured to be in CES  2018 in Las Vegas but didn’t get launched, so the next possible release date is February 2018 at MWC. This fan favourite mobile handset is sure to build on and improve from the last offering of the S8. The great HDR display and snapdragon processor mean your time spent playing the online slots Canada has to offer will be much brighter, clearer and in high definition.

Possible S9 features:

Snapdragon 845 processor

– HDR display

– Two 12 megapixel cameras, and 10x optical zoom

– 64 GB storage

– face recognition

– Increase on the 4 GB RAM from prior handsets

Sony Xperia XZ2 /premium 2

Release date: February 2018

Sony does tend to release many models of handsets each year, so creating a buzz for one of their latest releases is quite often difficult. But there are rumours that Sony is keen to change up their designs and make some interesting upgrades.

Possible Xperia XZ2 features:

– Slimmer bezel

– 5.48inch display in full HD

– Snapdragon 845 processor

– twin rear 12megapixel cameras

– 15megapixel front camera

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

Release date: February/March 2018

The Mi Mix 3 should be release later in 2018, but so long we can look forward to the updated version of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 being released with great upgrades.

Possible Mi Mix2 features:

– Snapdragon 845 Processor

Possible Mi Mix3 features (October):

– Snapdragon 845 Processor

– New design with rounded corners

– Vertical dual cameras

– Central fingerprint scanner

Apple iPhone SE 2

Release date: April 2018

This was Apples budget friendly phone, easy on the pocket with a 4 inch screen and in dire need of an update. The new handset set to be released this year is no longer cheap or little, but is still a better price than the iPhone X.

Possible SE 2 features:

– 6.02inch LCD screen

– iPhone X like notch

NO 3D touch

Huawei P20

Release date: February to April 2018

The rumours are that the next handset will be released at MWC 2018 or possibly later. Huawei has been making inroads into the smart phone industry and is definitely an innovative brand to watch out for.

Possible Huawei P20 Features:

– 3D face scanner rumoured to be better the iPhone X Face ID

– fixing of past handset issues like the display issues